Norfolk Park School has 10 classes;

Swan Class

Led by Alison & supported by Sue, Fay, Amanda and Rifat

Fox Class

Led by Sam & supported by Karl, Nadege and Bev

Rabbit Class

Led by Sandra & Handan supported by Steve, Safeena, Beth and Helen

Hedgehog Class

Led by Nicole & supported by Helen, Flora and Jemima

Squirrel Class 

Led by Lindsay & supported by Lucy, Becky and Paramita


Butterfly Class 

Led by Zoe and supported by Emma, Becky, Rachel, Lizzie and Diane

Heron Class

Led by Ali and supported by Shelly, Sandy, Liza and Alicia

Badger Class

Led by Paul & supported by Sarah, Sarah, Becky and Chelsea

Woodpecker Class 

Led by Ben and Gwen and supported by Karen, Linda, Sarah and Mandy

Owl Class 

Led by Tess & supported by Debbie, Janice and Sami