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Safeguarding Information

Norfolk Park School has a safeguarding policy which outlines how we keep our children safe. Staff regularly receive safeguarding training to ensure we are up to date and well informed to carry out our safeguarding responsibilities effectively.  

We have a team of staff supporting safeguarding in the school community.  

Area of responsibility Staff member
Designated Safeguarding Governor  Jill Lebihan
Designated Safeguarding Lead Matt Cam, Headteacher 
Designated Safeguarding Deputies

Catherine Shipton, Deputy Headteacher

Sandra Connaughton, Assistant Headteacher

Melanie Brunt, Healthcare

Tina Sheriff, Family Support  

Online / E safety 

Georgiana Woodcock, teacher 


We have a duty in school to follow up any concerns in school with both families and other professionals.

Parents / Carers.

Parents/carers can contact the school to seek advice on safeguarding issues.

Additional information on safeguarding is available for parents - click on links below:

Keeping Children Safe: Information for Parents and Carers

Working Together in Sheffield Education Settings

The Safeguarding Sheffield Children website has a section for parents/carers

E-safety awareness for parents can be found here.



PREVENT (Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation)

The ‘Prevent’ duty:

All education settings must try to prevent children and young people from being drawn into terrorism & extremism, whilst carrying out your usual educational functions.

To view the Sheffield Safeguarding Children's Policy on PREVENT click here



Online Safety

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