Norfolk Park School has 10 classes;

Swan Class

Led by Alison & supported by Sue, Fay / Sarah, Amanda and Rifat

Fox Class

Led by Marianna & supported by Karl, Bev and Andrew

Rabbit Class

Led by Sandra & Hayley & supported by Steve, Safeena, Beth and Helen

Hedgehog Class

Led by Lauren and Gwen & supported by Linda / Liza, Mandy and Dato

Squirrel Class 

Led by Lindsay & supported by Lucy, Paramita / Becky, Debbie and Lizzie


Butterfly Class 

Led by Handan and supported by Emma, Becky, Rachel and Diane

Heron Class

Led by Ali and supported by Shelly / Chris, Helen and Alicia

Badger Class

Led by Naz & supported by Sarah, Chelsea, Flora and Becky

Woodpecker Class 

Led by Nicole and supported by Sandy / Chloe, Sarah and Stacey

Owl Class 

Led by Tess & supported by Debbie, Janice and Tracey